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Paper Authors Journal Date
Measuring shared responses across subjects using intersubject correlation S. A. Nastase ... C. Keysers Social cognitive and affective neuroscience Apr 2019
SwiftOrtho: a Fast, Memory-Efficient, Multiple Genome Orthology Classifier X. Hu, I. Friedberg GigaScience Feb 2019
SeQuiLa-cov: A fast and scalable library for depth of coverage calculations M. Wiewiorka ... T. Gambin GigaScience Dec 2018
A chromosome-scale assembly of the major African malaria vector Anopheles funestus J. Ghurye ... N. J. Besansky GigaScience Dec 2018
Evaluating stably expressed genes in single cells Y. Lin ... P. Yang GigaScience Nov 2018
A haplotype-resolved draft genome of the European sardine (Sardina pilchardus) B. Louro ... A. V. M. Canario GigaScience Oct 2018
A highly predictive signature of cognition and brain atrophy for progression to Alzheimer's dementia A. Tam ... P. Bellec GigaScience Oct 2018
A multi-omics data simulator for complex disease studies and its application to evaluate multi-omics data analysis methods for disease classification R. Chung, C. Kang GigaScience Sep 2018
rnaSPAdes: a de novo transcriptome assembler and its application to RNA-Seq data E. Bushmanova ... A. D. Przhibelskiy GigaScience Sep 2018
Arnav: Site specific error models to identify variants in RNA A. Ramu, D. Conrad GigaScience Aug 2018
Persistent Gamma Spiking in Non-Sensory Fast-Spiking Cells Predicts Perceptual Success H. Shin, C. I. Moore, Neuron Aug 2018
MemBright: A Family of Fluorescent Membrane Probes for Advanced Cellular Imaging and Neuroscience M. Collot ... A. Klymchenko Cell Chemical Biology Aug 2018
Bcl11a Marks Mammary Progenitor Cells and Promotes Early Cellular Changes Associated with TNBC by Recruiting Chd8 S. Pensa ... W. T. Khaled Cell Stem Cell Aug 2018
Noc4L Dependent Ribosome Biogenesis Controls Treg Activation X. Zhu ... X. Zhou Cell reports Aug 2018
Pulsatile MEK Inhibition Improves Anti-Tumor Immunity and T Cell Function in Murine Kras Mutant Lung Cancer H. Choi ... J. D. Wolchok Cell reports Aug 2018
Notch2 Signaling Regulates Id4 and Cell Cycle Genes to Maintain Neural Stem Cell Quiescence in the Adult Hippocampus R. Zhang ... V. Taylor Cell Stem Cell Jul 2018
Identifying, understanding, and correcting technical biases on the sex chromosomes in next-generation sequencing data T. H. Webster ... M. A. W. Sayres GigaScience Jul 2018
Combinatorial Detection of Conserved Alteration Patterns for Identifying Cancer Subnetworks E. Hodzic ... S. C. Sahinalp GigaScience Jul 2018
Nanopore sequencing of long ribosomal DNA amplicons enables portable and simple biodiversity assessments with high phylogenetic resolution across broad taxonomic scale H. Krehenwinkel ... S. Prost GigaScience Jun 2018
Superoanterior Fasciculus (SAF): Novel fiber tract revealed by diffusion MRI fiber tractography S. David ... A. Leemans Frontiers in neuroanatomy May 2018
Levodopa and dopamine dynamics in Parkinson's disease metabolomics R. C. Branco ... G. W. Miller GigaScience Apr 2018
SoupX removes ambient RNA contamination from droplet based single cell RNA sequencing data M. D. Young, S. Behjati GigaScience Apr 2018
Ximmer: A System for Improving Accuracy and Consistency of CNV Calling from Exome Data S. Sadedin ... A. Oshlack GigaScience Feb 2018
Structure-guided design of a cell penetrating peptide preventing cAMP modulation of HCN channels A. Moroni ... B. Santoro ' Jan 2018
SNeCT: Scalable network constrained Tucker decomposition for integrative multi-platform data analysis. D. Choi, L. Sael GigaScience Nov 2017
Toward A Scalable Exploratory Framework for Complex High-Dimensional Phenomics Data M. Kamruzzaman ... P. S. Schnable GigaScience Jul 2017
ascend: R package for analysis of single cell RNA-seq data A. Senabouth ... J. Powell GigaScience Jan 2017