1. Follow a preprint research theme
  2. Review preprints relevant to your interests.
  3. Your review content will be open and linked to preprint.
  4. Automatically post review content to biorxiv disqus comments (optional).
  5. Specify editor, who will be emailed your review (optional).
  6. Sign your review or remain anonymous.
  7. Keep a record of all your reviewing activity, linked to the preprint version you reviewed.
  8. Earn reviewing karma.
  1. Crowdsource reviewers via twitter (optional).
  2. Get open reviews on your preprints.
  3. Openly respond to open reviews, and update preprint.
  4. Submit reviews and your responses together with preprint to open-access journal (optional).

  1. Become an editor of a preprint research theme relevant to your interests.
  2. Find and invite reviewers to review preprints from this theme.
  3. Organise a preprint peer-review journal club.
  4. Summarise strengths and weaknesses of preprint based on open-reviews.
  5. Help authors find open-access journal to publish preprint.