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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Real-time capture of horizontal gene transfers from gut microbiota by engineered CRISPR-Cas acquisition 11th Dec 2018
crispr metagenomics streaming Bookmark
Assignment of virus and antimicrobial resistance genes to microbial hosts in a complex microbial community by combined long-read assembly and proximity ligation 9th Dec 2018
genome_assembly metagenomics Bookmark
MinION Nanopore Sequencing of Multiple Displacement Amplified Mycobacteria DNA Direct from Sputum 8th Dec 2018
nanopore tuberculosis Bookmark
Discovery of antimicrobial compounds from Lendenfeldia, Ircinia and Dysidea sponges using bioassay guided fractionation of marine extracts 7th Dec 2018
tuberculosis Bookmark
Klebsiella quasipneumonaiae provides a window into carbapenemase gene transfer, plasmid rearrangements and nosocomial acquisition from the hospital environment 5th Dec 2018
recombination Bookmark
Mutational analysis of N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. 4th Dec 2018
Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Among Gram Negative Bacterial Isolates from Patients in Khartoum State Hospitals 4th Dec 2018
Linking the Resistome and Plasmidome to the Microbiome 4th Dec 2018
metagenomics Bookmark
Evaluating the Genome and Resistome of Extensively Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae using Native DNA and RNA Nanopore Sequencing 1st Dec 2018
nanopore rnaseq Bookmark
NanoARG: A web service for identification of antimicrobial resistance elements from nanopore-derived environmental metagenomes 30th Nov 2018
metagenomics nanopore Bookmark
Inhibition of Klebsiella pneumonia by a Novel Strain of Paenibacillus 30th Nov 2018
Very rapid flow cytometric assessment of antimicrobial susceptibility during the apparent lag phase of microbial (re)growth 29th Nov 2018
Evaluation of a toxoid fusion protein vaccine produced in plants to protect poultry against necrotic enteritis 29th Nov 2018
Biofilm-associated Mycobacterium abscessus cells have altered antibiotic tolerance and surface glycolipids in Artificial Cystic Fibrosis Sputum Media 28th Nov 2018
cystic_fibrosis Bookmark
Antibiotic resistance and metabolic profiles as functional biomarkers that accurately predict the geographic origin of city metagenomics samples 23rd Nov 2018
metagenomics Bookmark
The idiosyncratic drivers of correlated evolution 21st Nov 2018
The distribution of antibiotic use and its association with antibiotic resistance 20th Nov 2018
Proteostasis environment shapes higher-order epistasis operating on antibiotic resistance 17th Nov 2018
Inducible Lung Epithelial Resistance Requires Multisource Reactive Oxygen Species Generation to Protect against Bacterial Infections 16th Nov 2018
Long-term coexistence and regional heterogeneity of antibiotic-resistant infections reproduced by a simple spatial model 15th Nov 2018