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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
UMI-VarCal: a new UMI-based variant caller that efficiently improves low-frequency variant detection in paired-end sequencing NGS libraries 20th Sep 2019
Extraction of genome-wide reads distribution pattern through whole genome sequencing of cell-free DNA for tracking tissue-of-origin in cancer patients 19th Sep 2019
lung_cancer Bookmark
Integrated clonal analysis reveals circulating tumor DNA in urine and plasma of glioma patients 12th Sep 2019
Detection of ctDNA from dried blood spots after DNA size selection 6th Sep 2019
melanoma Bookmark
Sensitive detection of highly fragmented cytomegalovirus nucleic acid in human cfDNA 31st Aug 2019
Coverage profile correction of shallow-depth circulating cell free DNA sequencing via multi-distance learning 21st Aug 2019
Detection of genomic alterations in breast cancer with circulating tumour DNA sequencing D. Kleftogiannis...
S. Ng
15th Aug 2019
Separating the signal from the noise in metagenomic cell-free DNA sequencing 15th Aug 2019
metagenomics Bookmark
Sub-nucleosomal organization in urine cell-free DNA 12th Jul 2019
A versatile method for circulating cell-free DNA methylome profiling by reduced representation bisulfite sequencing 8th Jun 2019
methylation Bookmark
Low abundance of circulating tumor DNA in localized prostate cancer 1st Jun 2019
Ribosomal DNA methylation as stable biomarkers for detection of cancer in plasma 30th May 2019
lung_cancer methylation Bookmark
A cell-free DNA metagenomic sequencing assay that integrates the damage response to infection 27th May 2019
metagenomics methylation Bookmark
ChIP-seq of plasma cell-free nucleosomes identifies cell-of-origin gene expression programs 16th May 2019
A method for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of monogenic autosomal recessive disorders 11th May 2019
A Methylation Density Binary Classifier for Predicting and Optimizing the Performance of Methylation Biomarkers in Clinical Samples B. F. Miller...
L. Elnitski
21st Mar 2019
methylation Bookmark
Application of cell-free DNA sequencing in characterization of bloodborne microbes and the study of microbe-disease interactions 16th Mar 2019
metagenomics nanopore Bookmark
Spatial co-fragmentation pattern of cell-free DNA recapitulates in vivo chromatin organization and identifies tissues-of-origin 6th Mar 2019
Haplotype-Based Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A pilot study in South China 20th Feb 2019
High-Fidelity Nanopore Sequencing of Ultra-Short DNA Sequences 18th Feb 2019
nanopore Bookmark