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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Identification of putative effector genes across the GWAS Catalog using molecular quantitative trait loci from 68 tissues and cell types Oct 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
Investigating tissue-relevant causal molecular mechanisms of complex traits using probabilistic TWAS analysis Oct 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Cell type specific genetic regulation of gene expression across human tissues Oct 2019
CCmed: cross-condition mediation analysis for identifying robust trans-eQTLs and assessing their effects on human traits Oct 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Identification of a core module for bone mineral density through the integration of a co-expression network and GWAS data Oct 2019
genomewide_association heritability Bookmark
LncRNA de novo discovery reveals noncoding RNAs as major molecular mechanism associating coronary artery disease GWAS variants with causal genes to confer disease risk Oct 2019
genomewide_association ncrna rnaseq Bookmark
Application of post-selection inference to multi-omics data yields insights into the etiologies of human diseases Oct 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Contribution of unfixed transposable element insertions to human regulatory variation Oct 2019
A tissue-specific collaborative mixed model for jointly analyzing multiple tissues in transcriptome-wide association studies Oct 2019
The role of genomic vs. epigenomic variation in shaping patterns of convergent transcriptomic variation across continents in a young species complex Oct 2019
methylation Bookmark
Systematic assessment of regulatory effects of human disease variants in pluripotent cells Sep 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Systematic identification of functional SNPs interrupting 3\' UTR polyadenylation signals Sep 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
EAGLE: an algorithm that utilizes a small number of genomic features to predict tissue/cell type-specific enhancer-gene interaction Sep 2019
Towards the identification of causal genes for age-related macular degeneration Sep 2019
Allele-specific miRNA-binding analysis identifies candidate target genes for breast cancer risk Sep 2019
A multi-tissue transcriptome analysis of human metabolites guides the interpretability of associations based on multi-SNP models for gene expression Sep 2019
Derived Homo sapiens cis-eQTL regulation: implications for brain evolution Sep 2019
natural_selection Bookmark
Shared regulatory pathways reveal novel genetic correlations between grip strength and neuromuscular disorders Sep 2019
multiple_sclerosis Bookmark
Optimal design of single-cell RNA sequencing experiments for cell-type-specific eQTL analysis Sep 2019
rnaseq singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
WormQTL2: an interactive platform for systems genetics in Caenorhabditis elegans Sep 2019