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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Reference trait analysis reveals correlations between gene expression and quantitative traits in disjoint samples 11th Dec 2018
Identification of human genetic variants controlling circular RNA expression 3rd Dec 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Common molecular biomarker signatures in blood and brain of Alzheimers disease 1st Dec 2018
On Using Local Ancestry to Characterize the Genetic Architecture of Human Phenotypes: Genetic Regulation of Gene Expression in Multiethnic or Admixed Populations as a Model 30th Nov 2018
genomewide_association heritability Bookmark
Early Detection of Neurological Dysfunction Using Blood Cell Transcript Profiles 30th Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Interpreting coronary artery disease risk through gene-environment interactions in gene regulation 25th Nov 2018
genomewide_association rnaseq Bookmark
Imputed gene associations identify replicable trans-acting genes enriched in transcription pathways and complex traits 20th Nov 2018
Normal spermatogenesis in Fank1 (fibronectin type 3 and ankyrin repeat domains 1) mutant mice 20th Nov 2018
crispr Bookmark
Genetic control of gene expression and splicing in the developing human brain 17th Nov 2018
A systems-level analysis highlights microglial activation as a modifying factor in common forms of human epilepsy 15th Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
ImmuneRegulation: A web-based tool for identifying human immune regulatory elements 14th Nov 2018
Physical linkage and mate preference generate linkage disequilibrium for behavioral isolation in two parapatric crickets 13th Nov 2018
ReQTL - an allele-level measure of variation-expression genomic relationships 8th Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Enhancer redundancy predicts gene pathogenicity and informs complex disease gene discovery 2nd Nov 2018
Mouse Genome-Wide Association and Systems Genetics Identifies Lhfp as a Regulator of Bone Mass 30th Oct 2018
crispr genomewide_association Bookmark
Identification of new therapeutic targets for osteoarthritis through genome-wide analyses of UK Biobank 27th Oct 2018
genomewide_association uk_biobank Bookmark
Unraveling the polygenic architecture of complex traits using blood eQTL meta-analysis 20th Oct 2018
Novel DNA methylation sites of glucose and insulin homeostasis: an integrative cross-omics analysis 19th Oct 2018
methylation Bookmark
Ocular disease mechanisms elucidated by genetics of human fetal retinal pigment epithelium gene expression 19th Oct 2018
Adaptive eQTLs reveal the evolutionary impacts of pleiotropy and tissue-specificity, while contributing to health and disease in human populations 17th Oct 2018
malaria natural_selection Bookmark