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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Design and evaluation of novel 4-anilinoquinolines and quinazolines as EGFR inhibitors in lung cancer and chordoma 12th Feb 2019
brain_cancer Bookmark
Optimal Scheduling of Bevacizumab and Pemetrexed/Cisplatin Dosing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 6th Feb 2019
A Model-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of an Exercise Program for Lung Cancer Survivors Following Curative-Intent Treatment 3rd Feb 2019
Prophylactic TLR9 stimulation reduces brain metastasis through microglia activation 2nd Feb 2019
melanoma Bookmark
Loss of CIC promotes mitotic dysregulation and chromosome segregation defects 30th Jan 2019
Dual airway and alveolar contributions to adult lung homeostasis and carcinogenesis 28th Jan 2019
materials_science Bookmark
Tumor-Intrinsic Response to IFNgamma Shapes the Tumor Microenvironment and Anti-PD-1 Response in NSCLC 28th Jan 2019
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Causal relevance of obesity on the leading causes of death in women and men: A Mendelian randomization study 27th Jan 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Identification of frequent activating HER2 mutations in primary canine pulmonary adenocarcinoma 27th Jan 2019
Classifying Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Histopathology Types and Transcriptomic Subtypes using Convolutional Neural Networks 26th Jan 2019
Simplified Molecular Classification of Lung Adenocarcinomas Based on EGFR, KRAS, and TP53 Mutations 21st Jan 2019
Early urinary protein changes in the tumor-forming process of the NuTu-19 lung metastasis 14th Jan 2019
Determinants of Cancer-specific Quality of Life in Veteran Lung Cancer Survivors Eligible for Long-Term Cure 13th Jan 2019
Low-dose IFN-γ induces tumor cell stemness in tumor microenvironment of non-small cell lung cancer 12th Jan 2019
The CUL5 ubiquitin ligase complex mediates resistance to CDK9 and MCL1 inhibitors in lung cancer cells 12th Jan 2019
crispr Bookmark
RBM10 variants and RBM5 involve in alternative splicing of RBM10v1 pre-mRNA: RBM10v1 includes its own exon 4, but RBM10v2 and RBM5 skip it. 12th Jan 2019
A novel role for the tumor suppressor gene ITF2 in lung tumorigenesis through the action of Wnt signaling pathway 11th Jan 2019
Neuroendocrine negative SCLC is mostly RB1 WT and may be sensitive to CDK4/6 inhibition 10th Jan 2019
Whole Genome Doubling mitigates Muller\'s Ratchet in Cancer Evolution 8th Jan 2019
natural_selection Bookmark
Longitudinal single cell profiling of regulatory T cells identifies IL-33 as a driver of tumor immunosuppression 7th Jan 2019
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