Melanoma intersected with Lung cancer preprints

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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
A single-cell and single-nucleus RNA-seq toolbox for fresh and frozen human tumors 13th Sep 2019
rnaseq singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
The RAF oncogenes of vertebrates are ohnologs that derive from the two rounds of whole-genome duplications early in vertebrate evolution 13th Sep 2019
Tumor fitness, immune exhaustion and clinical outcomes: impact of immune checkpoint inhibitors 24th Jun 2019
Burden of tumor mutations, neoepitopes, and other variants are cautionary predictors of cancer immunotherapy response and overall survival 9th Jun 2019
Single-cell transcriptome analysis revealed a role of the transcription factor TOX in promoting CD8+ T-cell exhaustion in cancer 19th May 2019
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Landscape of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in human immunogenic cancers: B cells are inversely associated with CD8T cells, but positively correlated with Treg cells 17th May 2019
Prophylactic TLR9 stimulation reduces brain metastasis through microglia activation 2nd Feb 2019
Somatic Mutations Render Human Exome and Pathogen DNA more Similar A. Tchamkerten...
M. Engler
May 2018
Epigenetic Profiling for the Molecular Classification of Metastatic Brain Tumors J. I. J. Orozco...
D. M. Marzese
Feb 2018
brain_cancer methylation Bookmark
Transcriptional Changes of DNA Replication and Repair Factors Over Uveal Melanoma Subtypes M. H. Kucherlapati Nov 2017
methylation ncrna Bookmark
Identification of Genes under Purifying Selection in Human Cancers R. A. Mathis...
P. B. Gupta
Apr 2017
Gene fusion between CDKN1A and RAB44 caused by exon skipping like mechanism due to disruption of a splice site H. Sun...
L. Steinmetz
Mar 2017
crispr gene_fusion Bookmark
Deciphering HLA motifs across HLA peptidomes correctly predicts neo-antigens and identifies allostery in HLA specificity M. Bassani-Sternberg...
D. Gfeller
Jan 2017