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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Response of neuroglia to hypoxia-induced oxidative stress using enzymatically crosslinked hydrogels Oct 2019
Human blood exposure to Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin may shed light on erythrocyte fragility during active multiple sclerosis Oct 2019
Functional Mobility and Basic Motor Skills in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and its Relation to the Anthropometrical Status and Body Composition Parameters Sep 2019
Insilico analysis of structural and functional impact of SNPs in Pleckstrin Sep 2019
melanoma Bookmark
Predictive Metagenomic Analysis of Autoimmune Disease Identifies Robust Autoimmunity and Disease Specific Signatures Sep 2019
metagenomics rnaseq Bookmark
Machine Learning Analysis of Motor Evoked Potential Time Series to Predict Disability Progression in Multiple Sclerosis Sep 2019
Discovery of a small molecule having both potent anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory capabilities Sep 2019
sepsis Bookmark
Isolation and quantification of blood apoptotic bodies in neurological patients Sep 2019
Feasibility of Remotely Supervised Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Cognitive Remediation: A Systematic Review Sep 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Shared regulatory pathways reveal novel genetic correlations between grip strength and neuromuscular disorders Sep 2019
eqtl Bookmark
Deep Learning-Based Analysis of Macaque Corneal Sub-Basal Nerve Fibers in Confocal Microscopy Images Sep 2019
hiv Bookmark
Localized calcium accumulations prime synapses for phagocyte removal in cortical neuroinflammation Sep 2019
Allele Specific Expression in Human - Genomic Makeup and Phenotypic Implications Sep 2019
Mobile Brain/Body Imaging of cognitive-motor impairment in multiple sclerosis: deriving EEG-based neuro-markers during a dual-task walking study Sep 2019
brain_cancer Bookmark
Increased serological response against human herpesvirus 6A is associated with risk for multiple sclerosis Aug 2019
Immunotherapy prevents long-term disability in relapsing multiple sclerosis over 15 years Aug 2019
Modeling individual disability evolution in multiple sclerosis patients based on longitudinal multimodal imaging and clinical data Aug 2019
Structure-activity relationship studies of three novel 4-aminopyridine K+ channel blockers Aug 2019
Vitamins D3 and D2 have marked but different global effects on gene expression in a rat oligodendrocyte precursor cell line Aug 2019
Bidirectional Mendelian randomization analysis of shared genetic signals between coexisting neurodegenerative disorders to decipher underlying causal pathways Jul 2019