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Endogenous controllability of closed-loop brain-machine interfaces for pain. S. Zhang...
B. Seymour
Aug 2018
Motion and physiological noise effects on amygdala real-time fMRI neurofeedback learning L. Hellrung...
J. v. d. Meer
Jul 2018
Neurofeedback helps to reveal a relationship between context reinstatement and memory retrieval M. T. deBettencourt...
K. A. Norman
Jun 2018
A framework for offline evaluation and optimization of real-time algorithms for use in neurofeedback, demonstrated on an instantaneous proxy for correlations M. Ramot, J. Gonzalez-Castillo, Jun 2018
The effects of psychiatric history and age on self-regulation of the default mode network S. Skouras, F. Scharnowski, Jun 2018
Quality and denoising in real-time fMRI neurofeedback: a methods review S. Heunis...
M. Breeuwer
Jun 2018
brain_imaging streaming Bookmark
Self-regulation of the Dopaminergic Reward Circuit in Cocaine Users with Mental Imagery and Neurofeedback M. Kirschner...
M. Herdener
May 2018
Real-time functional connectivity-based neurofeedback of amygdala-frontal pathways reduces anxiety Z. Zhao...
B. Becker
Apr 2018
streaming Bookmark
Somatosensory imagery induces topographically specific activation patterns instrumental to fMRI-based Brain Computer Interfacing A. L. Kaas...
B. Sorger
Apr 2018
brain_imaging Bookmark
Single Session Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback has a Lasting Impact on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Strategies K. E. Macduffie...
R. A. Adcock
Feb 2018
brain_imaging streaming Bookmark
Real-time fMRI neurofeedback training of the amygdala activity with simultaneous EEG in veterans with combat-related PTSD. V. Zotev, M. M. . R. P. . C. K. W. . B. E. W. . F. K. . M. F. . J. Bodurka Jan 2018
brain_imaging streaming Bookmark
Direct Modulation Of Aberrant Brain Network Connectivity Through Real-Time NeuroFeedback M. Ramot...
A. Martin
May 2017
neurodevelopmental_disorders streaming Bookmark
Real-time fMRI neurofeedback of the mediodorsal and anterior thalamus enhances correlation between thalamic BOLD activity and alpha EEG rhythm. V. Zotev, R. P. . M. M. . C. K. W. . J. Bodurka Feb 2017
brain_imaging streaming Bookmark
The Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback Based Stratification of Default Network Regulation Neuroimaging Data Repository. A. McDonald...
R. C. Craddock
Sep 2016
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