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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Genome-wide association study identifies 44 independent genomic loci for self-reported adult hearing difficulty in the UK Biobank cohort 15th Feb 2019
genomewide_association heritability Bookmark
The genomic basis of mood instability: identification of 46 loci in 363,705 UK Biobank participants, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and association with gene expression and function. 15th Feb 2019
eqtl heritability major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Cannabis use, depression and self-harm: phenotypic and genetic relationships 15th Feb 2019
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Stratifying depression by neuroticism: revisiting a diagnostic tradition using GWAS data 14th Feb 2019
genomewide_association major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Phenome-wide burden of copy number variation in UK Biobank 12th Feb 2019
Metabolome-Wide Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Traumatic Stress 12th Feb 2019
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Using genetic instruments to estimate interactions in Mendelian Randomization studies 9th Feb 2019
education_policy Bookmark
Characterization of prevalence and health consequences of uniparental disomy in four million individuals from the general population 6th Feb 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Reproducible Risk Loci and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Anxiety: Results from ~200,000 Million Veteran Program Participants 6th Feb 2019
genomic_prediction heritability neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Validation of genome-wide polygenic risk scores for coronary artery disease in French Canadians 6th Feb 2019
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Investigating the Association Between Body Fat and Depression via Mendelian Randomization 5th Feb 2019
A DACT1 enhancer modulates brain asymmetric temporal regions involved in language processing 4th Feb 2019
Genetically Increased Telomere Length and Aging-related Physical and Cognitive Traits in the UK Biobank 3rd Feb 2019
A Polygenic Score for Body Mass Index is Associated with Depressive Symptoms via Early Life Stress: Evidence for Gene-Environment Correlation 2nd Feb 2019
replication Bookmark
Identifying novel associations in GWAS by hierarchical Bayesian latent variable detection of differentially misclassified phenotypes 2nd Feb 2019
genomewide_association neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Shared mechanisms between coronary heart disease and depression: findings from a large UK general population-based cohort 30th Jan 2019
A causal inference framework for estimating genetic variance and pleiotropy from GWAS summary data 30th Jan 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
Asthma and affective traits in adults: a genetically informative study 27th Jan 2019
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Neuroticism as a predictor of frailty in old age: a genetically informative approach 27th Jan 2019
genomic_prediction neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Causal relevance of obesity on the leading causes of death in women and men: A Mendelian randomization study 27th Jan 2019
lung_cancer Bookmark