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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Inhibition of Notch signaling rescues cardiovascular development in Kabuki Syndrome 6th Dec 2018
Dysregulation of RNA editing may help explain pathogenicity mechanisms of congenital Zika syndrome and Guillain-Barre syndrome 5th Dec 2018
Dengue and Chikungunya among Febrile Outpatients in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: a cross-sectional study 4th Dec 2018
dengue malaria Bookmark
Mechanism of action of methotrexate against Zika virus 30th Nov 2018
Genome-wide screens in accelerated human stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells identify Zika virus host factors and drivers of proliferation 24th Nov 2018
crispr neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
CD36hi monocytes play immunoregulatory roles in human umbilical cord blood 17th Nov 2018
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome-associated genes are enriched in motile neural crest and affect craniofacial development in Xenopus laevis 16th Nov 2018
A dynamic neural network model for real-time prediction of the Zika epidemic in the Americas 10th Nov 2018
streaming Bookmark
Genomic epidemiology supports multiple introductions and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Colombia 30th Oct 2018
Wolbachia pipientis occurs in Aedes aegypti populations in New Mexico and Florida, USA 30th Oct 2018
Lineage-dependent differences and the role of IFITM3 in the type-I interferon-induced restriction of Zika virus 30th Oct 2018
Seasonal patterns of dengue fever in rural Ecuador: 2009-2016 28th Oct 2018
dengue Bookmark
Climate drives spatial variation in Zika epidemics in Latin America 28th Oct 2018
Identification and characterization of Aedes albopictus long noncoding RNAs provides insights into their roles in development and flavivirus infection 23rd Oct 2018
ncrna rnaseq Bookmark
Human neurons from Christianson syndrome iPSCs reveal allele-specific responses to rescue strategies 17th Oct 2018
stem_cells Bookmark
The ion channel ppk301 controls freshwater egg-laying in the mosquito Aedes aegypti 13th Oct 2018
crispr Bookmark
Phenotypic and genotypic resistance to commonly used insecticides in Aedes aegypti among four cities in southern Ecuador 13th Oct 2018
Tunicates as a Biocontrol Tool for Larvicides Acute Toxicity of Zika Virus Vector Aedes aegypti 7th Oct 2018
Detection of a novel insect specific flavivirus across ecologically diverse populations of Aedes aegypti on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia 6th Oct 2018
Zika Virus Subverts Stress Granules to Promote and Restrict Viral Gene Expression 6th Oct 2018